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Sheets are intimate.

We choose them,

We appropriate them, We sleep there, we live there.

An adornment is personalized, We sleep there, we live there.

Your adornment

Comar supports you in the choice of your set. The layout of a yacht cabin, the assortment of its sheets with other textiles in the bedroom, a round bed, or any other specific shape of bed, Comar supports you in each tailor-made creation.

Your pillows

The pillows set the tone for the set. They occupy a remarkable place there. We superimpose them, we mismatch them, to finally immerse ourselves in them. They are the favorite playground for creating bed linen. You can opt for a pair of pillowcases on which you can have the text of your choice embroidered. A first name, a nickname, angel or demon, falling asleep or waking up, any message can be passed on the pillow...

details and colors

Our ornaments are available in all Comar tones, skilfully selected by Agnès, eternal colorist. From vine to hazelnut, from lime to pumpkin, you have the possibility of having each model in our collection made in colors offered by home.Discuss with our team receive personalized advice by videoconference to create your Comar set in the tones that will match your interior.

the collection

A collection that can be seen in the details and admired in the colors! The embroidery stitches, sometimes ears of corn, sometimes bumblebees, multiply in a palette of colors ranging from sand to wine, from eucalyptus to pumpkin.

The collection


Let us into your interior by videoconference, and we will guide you on the set that will perfectly match your room.

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